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Video is your friend! Part 2

It's time for us to assess how video can fail to meet its objectives; a peek into the archive of failed videos!

Many businesses fall into common video marketing pitfalls that are so easy to avoid. I recently sat through a 12 minute long ‘company overview’ video, narrated with a perky voice over and interwoven with footage of an industrial process and complex graphics. I managed to concentrate for around a minute before becoming overwhelmed with information and visuals. Try as I might I just couldn’t retain what the video was trying to tell me, it was too much.

This kind of information overload is a common mistake - yes, your business is complex and you have a lot to say, but have you never heard of ‘leave them wanting more’?! What are the main points that you want to convey in this video? How simply can you convey them? Don’t overwhelm your viewer with lots of images and sound - impressive though they may be. Choose images that simply illustrate your point and STOP THERE! After 20 seconds, if a viewer isn’t interested they will have switched off - so there’s no point making a 10 minute video if you can’t keep their attention. Be impressive, be brief, and leave them wanting to know more.

This all sounds a bit overwhelming and complicated doesn’t it?! Don’t worry; help is at hand! At Lightsource Productions we know that what’s most important when creating a video for you:

  • Making sure that your message is heard and understood. We also know that you have to make your viewer feel something in order to engage with them and spur them on to act after watching your video.
  •  Lightsource can take the weight of the technical concerns off your shoulders. Not only does this leave you free to focus on your message and brand, but we’ll also help you focus your content and style in a way that best woks for you.
  • We can work with you from the very start of the process, we’ll take your ideas and storyboard them, write your script, plan your shots, and edit them together to create the perfect video, tailored to your requirements. Our team of professional camera operators and editors can work to whatever brief they are given in order to create your unique video productions. Not only that but we’ll also help you engage your audience, and help you make your message relevant to them.

So, get in touch if you want us to help you transform your online presence, now doesn’t that sound more appealing than writing 1.8 million words…

Video is your friend! Part 2

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we were to have Rob help us with the conference - we couldn't have done it without him. He dealt with the quirky wiring at the venue really well and the DVD looked great."

"I was pleased that the team included an intern from a local college."

"Thanks for all your help over the years; it has always been a pleasure working with you and the team."

"Magnificent support. Took one major area of worry completely off my shoulders and everything handled by Lightsource was totally superb. Great result, audience happy and wonderful feedback from the event Very many thanks"

"Please accept my sincere thanks for all your help and pass on my thanks to your team"

"...great presentations, videos and branding…The feedback has been really positive Thank you for all your support, flexibility and delivering on time!"

"Thank you for your contribution to the success of last night’s Pride of Shropshire Awards. There was a lovely atmosphere in the room and great to see so many of our sponsors and guests enjoy their evening."

"We had a tight turnaround for the project and Lightsource delivered ahead of the deadline."

"Customer service was excellent – responsive, enthusiastic and easy to deal with. I would happily recommend Lightsource."

"On behalf of the team here, thanks so much once again for another brilliant stage production."

"The team were thorough, efficient and very quickly produced the video that we were hoping for. In fact it exceeds our expectations and was extremely good value."

"I personally believe the conference was the best yet!"

"All went like clockwork and gave a really professional feel to the event."

"From the point of quotation, Lightsource was very friendly and efficient. Their non-flappable and relaxed way of working was reassuring and the results were great."

"Thank you to everyone at Lightsource for the help and support for our event, we’ll be sure to recommend Lightsource in the future "

"Your input was greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again."

"Lightsource have helped us in three stages of development of our main hall and each time we have found them to be excellent. We now have an auditorium that seats 600 with a lighting, sound and visual projection system in place which is robust and reliable, easy to use for a variety of user groups, and of excellent quality. It really feels like they intuitively know what we are trying to achieve and therefore it does not require too much explanation."

"We have had fantastic feedback and your ability to run the event so smoothly really adds to the impact the event can have. Appreciated your humour and support, as it felt like a long few days, so thanks to yourself and also your team "

"Thank you for all your efforts and professionalism. As usual we provided tight deadlines, but you delivered to a brilliant standard with great innovation."

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lightsource."

"As a team we decided we wanted a video that was professionally produced to head up and share our school with a wider audience. From the outset we were confident that Lightsource Productions would deliver. "

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